Board of Trustees 2019 - 2020

Epiphany has an active and diverse Board of Trustees consisting of nearly 30 members who meet five times a year. Board committees typically meet monthly and include Audit, Development, Finance, the Committee on Trustees, Investment, Head of School Evaluation, Academic and Student Life, Graduate Support, and Buildings & Grounds. The Board of Trustees includes an Epiphany graduate, and another graduate is under consideration for nomination soon. 

Jennifer B. Fulton, President

Peter K. Levitt, Vice President

Martin G. Zinny, Treasurer

Eva L. Maynard, Secretary

Tess V. Atkinson, Ex-officio

Martina Albright

Kennett Burnes

The Rev. Jennifer G. Daly

Lia Der Marderosian

Åsa Fanelli

The Rev. John H. Finley IV, Ex-officio

C. Fritz Foley

The Rt. Rev. Alan Gates, Honorary Chair

Dennis Goldstein

Jude Jason

Peter M. Keating

Barbara A. Kryder

Elizabeth L. March

Stephanie J. Martinez ‘03

Jenna Miller

Marilyn O'Connell

Erica Pappendick

Diane B. Patrick

José A. Rosa ‘02

Anne L.H. Sanderson

Alicia A. Southwell

Linda C. Wisnewski

Leadership Council 2019 - 2020

Epiphany School’s Board of Overseers is a diverse group of community leaders whose common goal is to support the mission and advance the success of the school. Members of the Board of Overseers act as ambassadors for the school, advocating for it in the broader community, contributing to its financial strength and providing ongoing advice to the Trustees and the school community.

Tess V. Atkinson, Chair

Maureen Alphonse-Charles

Holly Ambler

Brenda Bancel

Joseph Bierwirth

Gordon Bither

Carol Brayboy

Remko Breuker

Stephen H. Brown

Christy Cashman

Gretchen Colby

Kerrivan Crowe

Bill Crowley

Christopher Cutler

Gene Dahmen

Betsy Edie

Theresa Ellis

Delores Ellison

Alison Elworthy

Adam Feinstein

John Finley III

Patrick Fischoeder

Thomas C. Frongillo

Angela Garcia

Melissa Gerrity

Betsey Gifford

Robin Graves

Timothy D. Green

G. Zachary Gund

Pam Hansen

Winston Henderson

James Houghton

Rawson Hubbell

David Ilsley

Dennis Kanin

Michael Kendall

Sylvia Kuzman

Eloise P. Lawrence

Lisa Lewis

Tom Lewis

Stacey Lucchino

Peter Madsen

Dan Mathieu

Makeeba McCreary

Katherine McHugh

Katherine Metcalfe

Sally Miller

George Motley

Elaine Murphy

Muffin O’Brien

Alice O’Neill

Bill Polk

Kathy Putnam

Annie Sacerdote

Ned Schuller

Lisa Shaw

Chris Shepherd

Carmel Shields

Kate Silbaugh

Sandra Stark

Darryl Sterling

Paul Stewart

Maite Suarez-Rivas

Alvin Taylor

Ellen Theriault

David A. Thomas

Polly Tsai

Kelly Uller

David Urion

Ricalder Valentine

Katharine Walker

Kristina Watts

Mary Wendell

John Werner

Lang Wheeler

Neela Zinsser