The Epiphany Model

There are 19 schools inspired by the Epiphany model, and more schools are in the works across the country. Epiphany is committed to both sharing what it has learned and to supporting new schools that adopt its model. If you are interested in either of these things, then email us.

If you are an educator interested in bringing an aspect of Epiphany’s model to your school or in founding a school similar to Epiphany and would like to visit Epiphany and meet with any of our staff members, we ask that you first look through our website to learn more about the various components of our program and then email us where you might include the following if appropriate:

  • A list of the aspects of Epiphany in which you are interested

  • The current status of your school (recently founded; established, but using a different educational model; using a model similar to Epiphany’s; etc.)

  • The resources you believe you possess to incorporate Epiphany’s model (volunteers, an active Board of Trustees, etc.)

  • The information you would like from Epiphany (how to recruit more volunteers, partner with service providers, etc.)

We continue to facilitate the creation and improvement of Epiphany-inspired schools and to further the mission for which they were created by facilitating conferences, engaging in joint fundraising, promoting the Epiphany network nationally and facilitating staffing. We constantly train new teachers through our teacher training program, involve ourselves in the curricula of leading graduate schools, and participate in national forums such as Schools that Can and EUSA.