Episcopal Identity

Epiphany was founded by people who believe that serving others is an integral part of our lives and our service to God. We are an Episcopal school dedicated to the idea that we find God in and through each other.

We appreciate and celebrate other religious traditions, encourage respect for differences of practices and belief, and look for the values that unite us. We welcome the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and financial contributions of people of all faiths because we recognize that their labor and sacrifice is consistent with our own belief in service to others.

Epiphany honors and cultivates reflection and prayer. We believe that modeling one faith shows our students that we take seriously the process of each of them claiming and building his or her own faith. We do not exist to proselytize but to lead others into the lifelong discussion and reflection that builds spiritual identity and strength.

Epiphany is a diverse and inclusive community. While the school enjoys a special relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, we use an interfaith lectionary in our chapel, and our religion classes explore the tenets of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, as well as Christianity. Our worship services are led by our students. They do the readings, give the homilies, provide the music, and offer the prayers. The implicit message in all that we do is that our students are valuable partners on our collective and individual spiritual journeys and that we learn from their questions, doubts, and insights.

We believe that we exist to celebrate and worship God and that we must act as a model of God’s love and grace. While many of us believe that we are working to serve Christ, our universal conviction is that everyone of any faith is sacred and that we ought to strive for justice and peace. We honor these commitments in three primary ways. First, we work to provide an excellent academic education and to address both the material wellbeing and spiritual development of the whole child. Second, throughout our curriculum we strive to teach compassion, honor, and morality. Finally, we teach that we find God and ourselves primarily through relationships within the context of community. While we honor individual achievement, we value most deeply those contributions that make the community stronger. In short, we are a school founded on love.