Epiphany’s administrators work with faculty and students to help Epiphany run well and to see that students and faculty have all the resources they need to learn and grow every day.

Our Lead Teachers are responsible for developing our curricula, observing and mentoring our Teaching Fellows, running academic departments, and – most importantly – teaching our students with excellence every day (sometimes every single day of the week).

In 7th and 8th grade, Epiphany students and their parents work closely with High School Placement to help them make the best possible decision about where they will attend high school.


Epiphany’s commitment to our students doesn’t end with graduation. Graduates receive abiding support from the school’s groundbreaking Graduate Support Program.

Our Teaching Fellows – some of whom are Epiphany graduates, themselves – come to us because they are interested in exploring a career in urban education. Fellows live in Epiphany-owned housing, receive a modest stipend, and participate in all aspects of teaching our students. Each Teaching Fellow is mentored by a Lead Teacher.

The Development Office is responsible for Epiphany’s fundraising efforts, as well as Epiphany’s Communications including the Epiphany website, social media presence, and media relations.

The Business Office keeps the lights on here at Epiphany and keeps us organized and transparent in our finances – a very important role for a not-for-profit school like Epiphany.

Support staff defy categorization. These talented people are integral to making every day happen at Epiphany for students and staff.