Epiphany School admits students who are from economically-disadvantaged families living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Epiphany School accepts the majority of students based on a lottery system. In order to qualify for admission, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Income: All students must qualify for free or reduced lunch from the state of Massachusetts.
  • Residency: All students must live in one of Boston’s neighborhoods.
  • Grade: All students are applying for the 5th grade, although occasionally an exception is made for an incoming 6th grader.

Our goal is to have a student body that encompasses a broad range of cognitive diversity. The lottery delivers a student body that reflects such diversity. It is simple to administer, requiring few staff hours and virtually no money other than the cost of advertising. The lottery system is unbiased by subjective opinion, past connections, or teacher recommendations. It is not dependent on Boston Public School testing or transcripts.

There are two exceptions to the lottery. First, Epiphany usually admits siblings of past or current Epiphany students because we believe that we can work more effectively with families when all of their children attend Epiphany. Secondly, Epiphany reserves 30% of slots for students referred by either the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or for children involved with Horizons for Homeless Children.  Our liaisons ensure that Epiphany continues to reach out to the city’s most vulnerable students. Because of our 12-hour day and individualized approach, we are uniquely suited to serve DCF and HFHC students well. Referrals are made directly to Epiphany’s Director of Admissions who has the discretion to consider all factors, including the student’s academic record, socialization skills, projected effect on the overall balance of the class, and whether Epiphany is able to provide the services that the student requires.

The application is now available here: 2016-2017 Admissions application. Lottery will be drawn in the middle of April.