Extended Day & Year

Weekend School Life

Epiphany’s Schoolhouse here in Dorchester is busy all weekend. We are a school community committed to the neighborhood, and as often as possible we open up our spaces to families and local groups seeking to meet. Family baby showers, Hindu celebrations, and Christian worship services are all common occurrences on weekends in our building. Advisors frequently meet up with their advisee groups at the schoolhouse then leave for a special weekend outing. Nearby schools and local groups use our gym, cafeteria, assembly hall, and classroom spaces regularly. As a young school, Epiphany benefitted from a generous welcome by established churches and organizations nearby, and we seek to pay that generosity forward and provide a space where our school community can learn and grow alongside our neighbors and friends in Dorchester. 

Urban Achievers

Urban Achievers  serves 5th-8th graders at Epiphany School and is particularly geared towards those students who are struggling with academics or with other school-related issues such as poor attendance or behavioral problems. The program aims to bring children who are struggling into a safe, supportive environment where they receive additional academic instruction and individualized mentoring and support. Rather than watching television, joining up with peers who may not be good influences, or hanging out in neighborhoods that can be unsafe, our Urban Achievers spend their day learning, playing sports, and being mentored by an adult who personally understands the challenges they are facing. Visit Urban Achivers’ website. 

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