Our Early Learning Center is now OPEN!

Over the past twenty years, the Epiphany School has been breaking the cycles of urban poverty through education. We have achieved real success in serving middle-schoolers, and now we are taking our model to younger students and their families in our new Early Learning Center (ELC). The research in early education is unequivocal: the first five years of life are critical to a child’s cognitive development, but quality early education is unavailable to many in our community.

We are partnering with whole families (mothers, fathers, extended family) beginning in the pre-natal period to offer:



To support families’ physical, social and emotional well-being to ensure healthy brain development of their babies and minimize risk factors, like toxic stress, associated with controllable developmental delays.


Reggio Emilia and Montessori-based early education and core curriculum

Our new center is a 22,000 square-foot facility with over 7,000 square-feet of outdoor classroom. On-site service hours for children are planned for 7:30am to 5:30pm.


Individual Growth

Free comprehensive coaching and parenting education at each developmental stage from pregnancy through each child’s birth, growth and development.


Graduate Support Programming

To ensure ELC Graduates are placed in solid elementary schools. Because “we never give up on a child” our Graduate Support team will help their parents ensure that they succeed in those schools and will help with high school placement, summer jobs, college placement, and employment.