Always Learning Newsletter- February 2018

Greetings from the Head of School:

Dear Friends, 

      As many of you know, the Barr Foundation just took yours truly and the other Barr Fellows on trip to Rwanda, a truly amazing country. In my twelve days there, I literally saw not one piece of trash, neither in their impressive capital of Kigali nor in the remotest villages without electricity or running water. Though a poor country, Rwanda radiates a smiling optimism and resolute commitment to unity and reconciliation. The people stand tall, aware of their often difficult history, proud of their heritage, and looking forward confidently to the future.  In many ways, Epiphany is the same. We know that many of us have lived through difficult circumstances, but those don’t limit us. We work hard and take pride in our success, and we hope you do too. Together, we are accomplishing great things. Thank you.

                                                Your Grateful Head of School,

                                                The Rev. John H. Finley IV

P.S. I want to call your particular attention to the brief article below on Cabot Corporation. Of the many successful businesses in the Boston area, none has made more of an impact here than Cabot. With little fanfare, their abiding support has made a real difference in the lives of so many great kids, and they set an inspiring example. They never ask to be honored for their contributions, but I must thank them from the bottom of my heart. They are amazing.

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Cabot Corporation


      Cabot Corporation has supported our Science Department for a number of years, allowing us to improve our resources and design creative experiments. Their support has been essential to teaching our students how to think like scientists and build the academic foundation they will need in high school and beyond. Not only does Cabot support science at Epiphany, but they have also sponsored our Annual Spring Gala for many years and will be joining us again this year on April 27th for our 20 Years in the Making Spring Gala. We are honored to stand with Cabot as partners on this journey.

About Cabot Corporation Foundation:
“In 2016, the Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc. donated or pledged approximately $1.1 million in direct and in-direct support of a wide range of activities and organizations focused on science and technology education, community relations and civic improvements.”

Cabot Logo - full color.jpeg

Epiphany Stars: Graduate Profile

Gianny Cepeda ‘14

      Gianny Cepeda ‘14...those who are familiar with this amazing graduate will know why she was picked to be the star of the month. But for those of you who do not know her, here is a short introduction to this true Epiphany star.

      Gianny’s older cousins went to Epiphany before her, and she and her family always knew she would join the Epiphany family once she was old enough. During her four years at Epiphany, she impressed all her teachers with her intelligence, dedication, and seriousness. She was one of our top students. We were sad to see her leave, but we knew she wouldn’t be a stranger. In fact, Gianny has kept in touch with her teachers and with our Graduate Support team throughout her years in high school, and it has been an honor to help her grow into the remarkable person she is today.

      Gianny is now a senior at Rivers, a terrific high school in Weston, Massachusetts. Because it takes her an hour and a half each way to travel to school, she stays there after school to complete her homework. She is in the theatre club and recently played Evil Gabbi, and several other evil characters in She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. It was surprising to see her play the embodiment of evil because she is so kind, but that speaks to her talent and versatility as a performer. In addition to being an actor, she is also a student counselor and mentors freshman, meeting with them once a week to make them feel comfortable and welcomed at Rivers.

      Gianny is looking forward to starting her next chapter in the fall at Brandeis University, where she was accepted with a full scholarship! We are so proud of all the hard work that got her to where she is today. Keep on shining, Gianny!

Jarvia (5th grade student) and Gianny.  

Learning is Cool: Epiphany Curriculum Highlights

Making Cornbread

     After reading Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T. R. Simon, Nazaria and Lailonah were excited to work on their final project...making cornbread! Hot Water Cornbread is a staple dish in Zora’s household. They had a great time making it, and we loved eating it!

Paying Homage to Black Mathematicians

      We may celebrate Black History Month in History or English class, but maybe Math is sometimes forgotten? Well, not at Epiphany! To bring a Black History perspective to Math class, 5th grade Math Teacher, Ms. Brice, and 8th grade Math Teacher, Mr. Harvey, had their students partner together to research different Black mathematicians throughout history.

      The 8th graders and their 5th grade partners researched the backgrounds of their chosen mathematicians and gave presentations on their contributions to mathematics, connecting their mathematician’s research to what they study in class.

      We loved learning the stories of Charles Reason, Mary Jackson, Clarence F. Stephens and so many more. Here are some pictures of these remarkable presentations.

Epiphany News

The Brotherhood attends a Jack and Jill, Inc. event

      To kick off Black History Month, the Epiphany Brotherhood was invited to a Jack and Jill, Inc. event on February 3rd. They had the opportunity to meet the Hip-Hop Legend, Boston's own, Ed O.G. who led a discussion about the culture of hip-hop and the changes he has observed as an artist in the industry over the years. He invited the young people in the audience to join him on stage and take the mic to share their talents. Several Epiphany students got up to perform, showing off their hip-hop skills in both song and dance. It was truly spectacular.

The Brotherhood at Jack and Jill, Inc event

The Brotherhood at Jack and Jill, Inc event

Upcoming Events

Black History Showdown

Join us on February 28, 2018 from 4:30pm-6:30pm!

Black History Showdown 2.28.2018.jpg

2018 Spring Gala: 20 Years in the Making

Tickets and tables are now on sale! Click here to sponsor, buy a table or purchase tickets!

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