Always Learning Newsletter- January 2019

Greetings From Epiphany!

Dear Friends,

It’s been suggested that I might devote my opening to this edition of Always Learning with ways to be involved with Epiphany. Please, however, still scroll down to see all the news and please know that you don’t need to do more than you already do. You are all Epiphany stars.  

Here is how you can advance our mission to Never Give up on a Child:

  • Come see everything new going on here in the Middle School and in the Early Learning Center and have lunch with our students. If you’ve been recently maybe bring a friend? Click here to sign up!

  • Epiphany relies on volunteers to make what we do possible. Want to tutor and mentor a student? Cook dinner? Share your life story at Career Day? Ride in the Rodman Ride? Click here to sign up!

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  • Join the Epiphany staff and faculty by applying today!

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Again and again, thank you for all you do for these amazing kids. God bless you!

  Your Grateful Head of School,

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   The Rev. John H. Finley IV

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Letters Foundation

We are excited to announce that the Letters Foundation recently made a generous grant to purchase critical supplies for the new greenhouse. Last year, a visionary anonymous donor added a 1,000- square foot greenhouse at 230 Centre Street, and now thanks to the Letters Foundation we have the resources to purchase the materials required for all the student programming that will happen in our new “green-space.”

With the completion of the Greenhouse, Ashleigh Inglis (Director of Greenhouse & Gardening Programs), has a state-of-the-art space for a lively curriculum focused on plant life and its relationship to every aspect of human life, and students are already growing varietals that will transition outdoors in the spring into our raised beds. This exciting addition to our curriculum is advancing student knowledge about plant life, pollination, food growing cycles, the effects of weather on how and where foods grow and how food relates to nutrition and health, as well as big-picture ecological issues such as climate change, sustainability of food systems and honey bee colony collapse disorder. Currently, the students have two exciting experiments underway. First, our 7th grade science class has just begun a plant growth experiment where they are manipulating different variables that affect pea plant growth, and our 8th grade math class is beginning a houseplant propagation project, graphed linear equations.

  Thank you to the Letters Foundation for helping our students to blossom (along with all the plants and veggies they will grow in our gardens and greenhouse)!

Epiphany Stars: Graduate Profile

Theresa Devarieux ‘15

     We are excited to feature Theresa Devarieux, Epiphany class of 2015 and senior at City on a Hill Dudley, as this month’s Epiphany Star! She has recently been chosen as a Boston Posse Scholar and will be awarded a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Over 1,000 students in the Boston area were nominated to participate in this very competitive scholarship and leadership development program, and Theresa is both the first Epiphany Graduate and the first City on a Hill student to receive this honor!

At Epiphany, Theresa was a stellar student, always listening and paying close attention to the advice given by her teachers. To build on that, Mr. Brown, a Lead Teacher, referred her to Crossroads, a program built to empower youth to unlock their potential and positively impact the world. This opened doors for Theresa, ultimately leading her to Posse.

When asked how Epiphany has guided her to where she is today, she said, “Epiphany is a huge part of why I take advantage of opportunities and build on the connections.” Theresa is still as active as she was in middle school. She plays basketball, does track, dances, and works part-time. During her free time, Theresa also gives back to the community by volunteering at Rosie’s Place and Haley House, and in college, Theresa plans to study psychology and pre-law because she wants to pursue a career in law enforcement. She believes psychology will help her understand how people think which she feels will prepare her well for a career in law enforcement.  

Theresa regularly visits Epiphany and enjoys remaining connected to our community. She often reflects on the teachers and how genuinely they care and go out of their way, on a daily basis, to do more than what is required. “The bond that I have with the teachers is something special” she said, “It’s a bond you’ll never find anywhere else.” She added, “I’m thankful for the endless amount of opportunities that have come my way as a result of my relationship with Epiphany School . I want to say thank you to Epiphany. The work that they’re doing is life changing.” We are very proud of her and are confident she will succeed in all aspects of her life.

Learning is Cool: Epiphany Curriculum Highlights

School-Made Bath Bombs!

      On December 18th, Ms. Lee and her 8th graders made bath bombs – those soothing and relaxing bath salts –  in the science lab. She wanted to introduce “Acids & Bases”and what better way to do it than by creating bath bombs! This hands on experiment was a great way for the students to understand how acids and bases react when mixed with baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oils.

Here is how it works: When baking soda and citric acid are mixed and are then put in water, they undergo a chemical reaction. The reaction produces lots of bubbles, which you see as the bath bomb dissolves in the water. These bubbles that make the water become so fizzy are made of carbon dioxide gas. Click here to learn more.

The 8th graders had a blast doing this experiment, and it turns out that most students gave them as Christmas gifts to their mothers and sisters.

7th Grade goes to Dorchester District Court for a Mock Trial

On October 30th, Mr. Joazard (English teacher at Epiphany & an 2004 Epiphany graduate) took his 7th grade class to the District Court to do a reenactment of the mock trial depicted in S. E. Hinton’s Outsiders.

Acting out the trial in a real courtroom invited deep reflection on the novel’s ambiguities and served as a civics lesson about the U.S. justice system. Students met the judge and clerks who work in the court, explored the courtroom, and, through their presentations, learned how a trial is conducted. This rich, immersive learning experience is a good example of ways the teachers enhance learning and support academic achievement at Epiphany.

6th Grade Field Trip to Boston’s Museum of Science.

On January 16th, Ms. Louiny and other 6th grade teachers took students on a field trip to the Museum of Science to see science in action outside of the classroom, “I wanted our 6th grade students to have a hands-on experience for their earth unit and specifically to kick off our next unit by watching the Imax movie about volcanoes.” In addition to the volcano movie, the students participated in a scavenger hunt about different rocks and minerals during which they identified their age and geographic home. Their final task was to look at an exhibit critically and describe what they liked about it, why they liked it, and give an overall assessment of the display. The trip to the Museum was a terrific way to enliven the information shared in the classroom and gain a hands on appreciation for their learning.  

Epiphany News

One of Our Families Starts the New Year Without a Home

    One of our Epiphany Graduates (Deroll Johnson) and his family lost their home and everything they had in a fire on New Year's Day. All of the residents are safe, but they face a long road ahead of them as they work to rebuild their lives. Despite the circumstances, the family is not thinking of this as a tragedy but taking it as an opportunity for a new beginning.

A Gofundme account has been set up for the family, and so far has raised a little over $6,000, including funds raised by an Epiphany Brotherhood bake sale. The Red Cross has also been amazing, but the family is still in need of help. Please consider helping by clicking here to help them replace what they have lost.

The burnt house

The burnt house

It’s a Wrap, Folks!

This year’s Annual Winter Showcase was spectacular! On Friday, December 7th, our 5th & 6th grade Theatre students performed a traditional Nativity play while the 7th & 8th grade performed the adaptation of the Nativity Story – one they co-wrote with Mr__Deleveaux and Mr. Parker. They also performed dances and sang a list of familiar Christmas songs. This year’s play took place at the Black Box Theatre at Codman Academy, (Thank you, Codman!), and the room was full of laughter, excitement, and positive energy.

In addition to the performing arts showcase, on December 18th, our Visual Arts students displayed their work here in the Assembly Hall for faculty, staff, students, and families to admire and even to purchase. They displayed a variety of pieces from a range of classes, including: Ceramics, Illustration, Club Natural (Embrace natural beauty), Music, and Fashion Innovation.

We are amazed by the creativity, energy and effort of our students who not only performed but also planned and helped produce both the performing arts and visual arts showcases. What a great way to celebrate the season!

Epiphany Parents Get Ready for the Holidays

On December 19th, Mrs. Sanchez and Ms. Centeio ‘02 turned the conference room at the Early Learning Center into Santa’s North Pole Gift Shop. Numerous organizations donated toys and books to all the families at Epiphany for the holidays. Parents and guardians wrapped gifts for their family while enjoying hot chocolate and breakfast made by Mrs. Sanchez.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date for Epiphany’s Annual Spring Gala: April 26, 2019

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